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Medicos ECG : Clinical Guide And Daily ECG Cases​

Downloading one app for books, another for slides, yet another for notes, and yet another for additional medical resources is time consuming and takes up a lot of space on your phone.

As a result of extensive research and brainstorming, the Medicos team has developed the Medicos Pdf app.

Medicos ECG : Clinical Guide and Daily ECG Cases

Learning the art of ECG interpretation requires intellect, commitment, effort and — perhaps most importantly — an organized approach

The combination of all is in our pocket and free to use app Medicos ECG

I imagine it is understood that learning all of ECG interpretation is going to take more than 10 minutes of your time and that it is not quite so easy. To be proficient, it will take a bit of effort. Some memorization and pattern recognition will be required. The more you see, the more you will remember. Having a pair of calipers is helpful.

Medicos ECG allows user to progress forward step by step going from the basics to the complex topics which are all of course made easy with easy to understand notes, Attractive and high quality image demonstrations of related topics with explanation videos to make any doubt regarding ECG clear to users

After opening the app you will see the home page which is very simple and easy to use design made understandable for every users

Then Medicos ECG will guide user with basic introductions to ECG with topics such as Action potential of heart muscle / AP of myocardium, conducting system of the heart, Inherent rates of nodes, ECG strips/ Paper, ECG leads.

After the basic introduction needed to understand ECG user will learn about the different waves and segments seen in ECG with their explained normal morphology and different variations associated with it with examples and image demonstration and well explained videos of waves and segments respectively

Then user will learn the proper method of calculating the heart Rate, rhythm and cardiac axis by evaluating the ECG in a way you will never forget

Then users will learn the famous Rules of ECG/ 10 rules of ECG by renowned professor Chamberlain

After understanding what ECG is about Medicos ECG app will teach user the proper guided way t interpretation of ECG and make comment on ECG / Approach to ECG interpretation

After you have learned to read the ECG correctly you will learn about the different conditions in which ECG will be abnormal such as

Acute myocardial conditions (bundle branch block)

Broad complex (board complex tachycardia, monomrphic VT, other tachycardias, board complex SVTS vs VTS)

Conduction block (conduction block, Bradycardia, AV block, bundle branch block)

Left heart conditions ( left artial abnormalities, left ventricular abnormalities, valvular pathologies, cardiomyopathy)

Right heart conditions (right atrial enlargement, right ventricular enlargement, acute pulmonary embolism, COPD ecg)

Myocardial ischemia (T wave changes, ST segment depression, ST segment elevation, Arrythmia in ischemia, Heart block)

Supraventricular conditions (Sinus tachycardia, artial fibrillation, atrial flutter, atrial tachycardia, AVNRT, AVRT)

Non cardiac conditions ( ecg of hyperkalemia, hypokalemia, hypothermia, hypothyrodism, thyrotoxicosis)
Miscellaneous conditions ( Congenital heart disease, pericarditis, drugs effect on ecg, Digoxin)

Since ECG is not the only investigation there may be other cause associated with the cardiac conditions. So the differential diagnosis for ECG are also included

Review ECGs in Real Patient Case Scenarios

Teach Others How to Read an ECG

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