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We have many medicos app to guide you through your tough Medical journey.

Medicos pdf Logo
Medicos Pdf : download free medical book and slide

Downloading one app for books, another for slides, yet another for notes, and yet another for additional medical…

Medicine Logo
Medicos Medicine :History and Clinical Examination
“ Medicos Medicine ” is an internal medicine app based on the collection of Student’s /Doctot’s Note…
Medicos Histology icon
Medicos Histology:Anatomy histology figure & guide

Anatomy Histology is one of the interesting app with lots of slide identification images that fascinates every…

Surgery Logo
Medicos Surgery : History and Clinical Examination of Clinical Surgery

Medicos Surgery offers you a clear structured and systematic approach to history taking and clinical…

Medicos ECG icon
Medicos ECG : Clinical Guide and Daily ECG Cases

Learning the art of ECG interpretation requires intellect, commitment, effort and — perhaps most…

Pedia Logo
Medicos Pediatric:Clinical examination and History
Medicos Pediatric is app that is useful for history taking and clinical examination of Pediatric patients…
Dental Instrument Logo icon
Medicos Dental Material :Dental Instrument
Introducing this one of a kind amazing app for the very first time in the era of competition for BDS(UG)…